Industrial technical degreasing

The NON-EMULSIFYING aqueous cleaners allows us to reduce the consumption of detergent and the wastewater they generate, also increasing the quality of washing and degreasing of all types of parts, electrical components, engines, metals, industrial floors ... and reducing the economic costs.

Most of the industrial degreases have among their characteristics that of emulsifying oils and fats in degreasing baths. This has a negative impact on the recycling of degreases, on the useful life of the bathrooms themselves and on the minimization of the waste generated.

desengrase industrial anti-emusionante

Our competent staff of sales consultants, service technicians and chemical specialists has great know-how of industrial processes and requirements. This means that we are able to understand exactly what each customer needs and are able to help take up many of the process-related challenges faced by our customers.



  • Significant reduction in the consumption of the cleaning agent. Experience shows a reduction between10 and 25%.
  • Minimization of wastewater.
  • High washing quality because we have the bath in optimal conditions.
  • Less odors because we avoid the decomposition of emulsions especially in hot seasons.
  • Helps the oil separators to work full capacity.
  • Recovery oil that is almost pure, without mixing with industrial degreasing.
  • Helps the ultrafiltration membranes.